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The LOST (GNU/Linux-One-Stanza Tips) downloads are available as datadir format, and the fortune-file format. The links on this page are for downloads of the fortune-file format of LOST snippets. The scripts linked below are also specifically for the fortune-file format only.

This furtune flat-file distribution is mainly for people who want to use existing signature rotation programs like fortune, sigrot, autosig etc. which they are already familiar with, and need the LOST snippets only in a format acceptable to existing software.

The fortune-file database:

Download fortune-file database:

The Whole Collection [LOST #001-750] [ Filesize = 84111 bytes ]

The fortune-file handling scripts:

This is the best option to take. Why bother reading. It is a very small download, anyway !. Download the whole thing and view all the scripts together.

[All the scripts together] [ Filesize = 33174 bytes ]

And for those who want to download specific ones only:

fortune.rotator [ Filesize = 10025 bytes ]

This is an e-mail sig generator (for mutt/ pine/ elm mailers). This is capable of generating random or specific sigs from the LOST fortune-file, or from an alternate signature set. Also capable of NIL sig, reserved sig, company disclaimer and PGP/ gnupg ascii-armor sig placement for each mail seperately (depending upon your choice).

fortune.gen-sig [ Filesize = 13171 bytes ]

Also a sig generator, less versatile and more generic. Capable of random LOST or sigs from an alternate sig set. Also capable of NIL and reserved sigs. PGP sigs are not supported. This is not integrated with any mailer. It merely outputs a sig to a text file. The .signature file used by your mailer needs to be symlinked to this output. Can be used with any mailer which supports a signature file.

fortune.watch-lost [ Filesize = 3790 bytes ]

This generates signatutes at predefined intervals in the background from LOST fotune-file. Totally non-intrusive. If your .signature file is symlinked to output of this file, the random LOST sig will be sent with every mail.

fortune.clone [ Filesize = 2230 bytes ]

A clone of the bsd fortune program. This however, does not need a binary format to run, and produces a random LOST (or any other fortune file) to STDOUT directly from the ASCII source.

fortune.utils [ Filesize = 8370 bytes ]

Extra utilities (handy!). Not as many as for the datadir version. You may need these.

Note: some of the scripts here are dependent upon the "dialog" and "xmessage" programs for display. The"dialog" program is available with all distros; however, of late, some distros do not ship with the "xmessage" utility from the Xfree86 project. The source code and a static binary is available for download from here in case you don't have it.

A Random LOST snippet


####[ GNU/Linux One Stanza Tip (LOST) ]####################### Sub : Searching for rpm package name LOST #238 Want to know to which package a particular executable or binar on your rpm based distro lies ? Do : #rpm -qf `which <executable-file>` ####[shridhar_daithankar (at) persistent.co.in]###############